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When our teacher speaks

it is like we are listening the sound of a river that always changes

-it is like we are sitting under a tree that re energises our body

-it is like we are on a journey that brings smiles from the strangers

-it is like we are on lap of our mothers listening stories that are not so happy ending

I thank our beloved teacher Smt.Lalitha Lenin, poet,children’s writer and former HOD,DLIS, University of Kerala for her dignified appearance as the Chief guest who inaugurated the activities of “Reader’s Club” for the Academic session 2008-’09.

Her words boost our morale and lead us to explore the terrains less travelled.


Library instruction/initiation programmes
April 8, 2008, 10:47 am
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During the first month of every academic year there should be planned programmes for familiarising the library with the students.Then only they can use the resources and services effectively.They should know how to search the OPAC,how to find the book from the shelf by identifying the DDC numbers,how to review a book, how to refer, how to take notes, etc.

The librarian can conduct presentations regarding this with the help of diplays,ppt. She can publish library guides,booklets or brochures.

Library periods can be used for taking selflearning classes. She can give lectures and invite interested people to mingle with the children.

Remember that it is their first library periods and what efferts we take now will paid later.

Human Relations problems of a School Librarian
April 2, 2008, 11:45 am
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School librarians in India are a particular species who done all the work single handedly and at the same time declared to be “jobless ” by the fellow teachers.

Some tries to score extra runs by entitle them the duties of caretakers, tour operators, escorts, arrangement takers,etc.

The mindset of some people never changes.They live in the age of unmovable,congested shelves of yesteryear’s and don’t want to see the light of new horizons.

International Childrens’ Book Day 2008
April 1, 2008, 8:21 am
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It is very nice to start the new academic session with a very favoured day “International Children’s Book Day” on April 02, birthday of loved author of fairy tales like ‘Thumbelina” and “Ugly duckling’, H.C.Andersen.

We have been conducting anĀ  exhibition of books by him from 01-05 April , 2008.

Internationally it is organised by IBBY(International Board of Books for Young).

The host country is Thailand in 2008.

And the poster for this year is very beautiful.See it.