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All your databases belong to you
June 4, 2008, 4:06 pm
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There is a new concept in the formation. ISEN (Internet Search Environment Number). It may end the problem of indexing the databases, which are the main knowledge blocks of the ‘deep web’.

ISEN is the database of databases. Just like every book has its own ISBN , every database will get its own ISEN.

Databases are catalogued by the professionals in the concerned field. ISEN people say,

Then we would create a database of databases or search engine only for databases. Your hit list would only be databases instead of PDF files, blog postings and random HTML files. We pull out the databases. The hits you get would be the interface to databases which provides access to upwards of 500 to 650 times the amount of information available on the “surface web” indexed by the major search engines. ISEN reveals the what is called the “deep web”.

I have joined the Friends of ISEN list.

ISEN Blog gives a platform for interaction.





Yes, it is in Malayalam !
June 3, 2008, 2:12 pm
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On June 01, there was a workshop on Malayalam blogging at the Press Club, Trivandrum. It was organized by Kerala Blog Academy a new venture in Blogoshere.

It was nice to meet bloggers with a heart filled with  love to Malayalam. Motre than hundred people participated in it, that also was very encouraging about the future of the new media.

Collective or group blogging is the future

-B R P Bhaskar

The right man says the right thing. The future is  there. Collective bloggong will act as a wiki that make deliberations perfect.

Although the decisions after deliberations have thereown pitfalls, it will utilise the collective knowledge that otherwise will not emerge individually.

The workshop gave an opportunity to meet many creative minds and open sources.

Writing in Malayalam may be easy after installing the CD components.

Yes I will try to make one blog in my own language.




AADLIS meeting and seminar on “Deep Web”

This years AADLIS (Alumni Association of Dept. of Library and Information Science, Univ. of Kerala) was on 24th of May, 2008.

Although the annual meeting is the only activity of the Association fo the whole year, they have been doing a good work by honouring the old BLISc batch students and PhD and MLISc rank holders. Some endovments are also instituted such as, one by Smt. K.K.Lalitha Bai.

The concept of Deep web (more suitable to be known as “invisible web”) is not clear to most of the professionals working in the field. More classes should be there.

The possibilities of harnessing the information or knowledge hidden in the  deep areas of the surface web (kown or currently searchable web) is enormous. Academic invisible web is a separate area of study.

It is true that, the lion’s share of authentic information such as in databases, catalogues, digital libraries , etc are only available in the deep web which are not indexed and hence not available to all (search engines).

More explorations must be there in the field.